Tailored Sessions

Holistic and individual guidance through Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology in Wanaka

With the offerings at UNikUM we endeavour to share our wealth of experience and vast knowledge in the field of Yoga health and wellbeing on a personal basis. This enables us to work with each client individually.

Astrology and Ayurveda consultations are always conducted as private meetings. Now we also offer Yoga in its traditional form of a 1 on 1 class. Be in for a treat!

Yoga 1 on 1

Private sessions guarantee that the delivery fits the individual. Depending on the requirements of the student, the class involves a selection of Asanas (Postures, Movement), Pranayama (Breath control), Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, as well as Meditation.


Ayurveda is the science of life or longevity. It teaches about the power and the cycles of nature, as well as the elements. When we are balanced and when we listen and attend to the needs of our body, mind, and spirit, our natural beauty comes out. My role is to bring support to you on this path.


Astrology provides us with enriching tools to understand ourselves, others and the world around us. It offers a window into each individual and its unique potentials. Clarity is found where questions arise around health, work, relationships, finance, etc. Let me guide you on your path through the mysteries of life illuminated by a road-map of stars.

The ultimate ‘Uniquely You’ package

Are you ready to make the change for improved health? Step into your power and book an appointment for a transforming 90 minute session. Doris evaluates your current state of health with a full Ayurveda consultation. According to your Dosha (imbalance) she creates an individually designed 30 minute Yoga home practice on video as well as a personalized dietary and lifestyle plan. It is all provided for you solely!

Investment: $ 400

Doris is also a member of the ‘Wanaka Natural Health Collective’ who can
support Covid care and adverse events treatments:

Applied Movement
Claire Akin-Smith
Health Strategist
Chiro ConnectKate Glasgow
Fusion HealthNicky Potts   
Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist 
Healing NaturallyHazel Thomas
Nutritionist, Reiki, Counselling
Holistic HealthcareMargaret Hurley
Natural health consultant
Natural Health WanakaLyn Brown
Bowen, Jin Shin Jyutsu,
Emotional Freedom Technique
Radical BotanicalsAlison Carrington
Naturopath, Medical Herbalist
Reset LabKaz von Heraud Parker
Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine  
StillsparklingInga Fiege
Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy
UNikUMDoris Blum
Yoga, Ayuveda, Astrology
Yoga 1 on 1

We live in the exhale. We come to yoga for the inhale.


Practicing Yoga has been found to have many health benefits. However, it should not be seen as a panacea or replacement for traditional medical care, but serves as an alternative treatment path. Many studies have found that Yoga helps with anxiety and depression, insomnia, pain management, high blood pressure, post traumatic stress disorder, and it also improves the immune and digestive systems. While Yoga may not cure diseases per se, it is a terrific complementary practice to holistic wellness and quality of life.

Group classes are led by the teacher and allow participants to be guided and to work in synchronicity with other students. In Mysore style classes students practice at their individual level alongside each other and are supervised and kept safe by the teacher.

Urs offers a third option: Yoga classes as they were originally taught, on a 1 on 1 basis. This form of teaching guarantees that the delivery of the class fits the requirements of the individual. Depending on the needs of the student, the classes involve a selection of Asanas (Postures, Movement), Pranayama (Breath control), Yoga therapy, Mindfulness, as well as Meditation.

The 1 on 1 format is ideal for

·  any athlete who would like to balance the effects of their main sport(s); to increase their mental focus; to improve their flexibility, stamina and strength

·  total Yoga beginners who would like to learn at their own pace and in private

·  people with health and life challenges (physical or mental)

·  everybody with the desire to discover more about their body, their mind, their breath – and who would like to be in greater control of them

·  anybody with an injury who would like to keep exercising in a safe way

·  established yogis who would like to deepen the understanding and finer details of their practice

·  everybody with the desire to take more control of how they live their life

Sessions are being held in Wanaka unless otherwise agreed (extra travel expenses)

$ 30 for your first 1 on 1 (45 minutes)
$ 60 for 60 minutes
$ 75 for 75 minutes
Longer sessions are also possible. Additional fee if room hire required.

Urs has been fortunate to study with the highly regarded Indian doctor / teacher Ganesh Mohan, who holds a doctorate in Western AND Ayurvedic medicine. Urs also worked with Indra and A.G. Mohan (parents of Ganesh), who themselves were direct students of T.K. Krishnamacharya, the father of Modern Day Yoga.  By studying with the Mohans, Urs gained valuable insight into the benefits of Yoga in general, and into 1 on 1 teachings in particular. 

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