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What we offer in group sessions

Holistic and individual guidance through Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology for a balanced lifestyle.

Activities with like-minded people help us to continuously evolve on the path of Yoga and Wellbeing, whilst strengthening the connection to the Sangha (group). Our events are held for regular or one-off Yoga classes, exploration, discussion and sharing; honoring the ancient traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology. Our retreats provide a sanctuary of time that is dedicated to your inner wellness, rejuvenation and nurturing.


Tuesdays, 6-8pm (90 min practice, 30 min Chai & social time)
Weekly Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class @ Criffel Woolshed

Ashtanga is one of the most vigorous physical yoga practices. It is ideal for active people to balance all other physical activities, to harness the mind and to control the breath.

Join us for a candle-lit led Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class at the beautiful Criffel Station Woolshed on Tuesdays from 6 – 8pm. We will guide you through parts of the Primary Series, followed by social time with Chai. We have recently moved to Wanaka after having run a yoga studio (breathe yoga) in Havelock North for ten years. Doris has been trained by the legendary John Scott. Urs was lucky enough to learn under the guidance of the well-known Yoga Therapy teacher, Ganesh Mohan. Private tuitions available too.

Investment: $20 per person. Please bring your own mat, blanket and any prop you require.

This class is suitable for anybody who has dynamic Yoga experience or is physically active. The class is fully led and is designed for people who enjoy flowing movement synchronized with breath. It is a deeply cleansing practice for anybody (runners, bikers, skiers, etc.) who needs stretching, strength and suppleness in body and calmness of mind.  It is indeed a fantastic preparation for the skiing season and works well as a preventive practice against injuries.

Long-term Ashtangis are welcome to practice Mysore between 6-7.30pm

Make use of this special yoga class held by two passionate and experienced teachers. Follow us on FB and / or Instagram to stay in the loop! Book with Doris: 021 1460 199 or email her.

Wednesdays, 5.30-6.45pm (no class 30 June)
Weekly Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Beginners class @ Criffel Woolshed

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has been very popular ever since its introduction to the Western Yoga world – and there are many reasons for it. It is one of the original and purest forms of Yoga. Its flowing movement synchronised with breath makes it a moving meditation. It energises and purifies the body and it stills the mind.

We live in a time where the busyness of the mind negatively affects our physical and mental well-being. Hence the stilling of the mind is paramount for good health. This practice makes your body strong and subtle and your mind becomes clearer and calmer. It is one of the most amazing Yoga methods to stay fit, healthy and to be mindful.

The practice is easily tailored to anybody of any age (from 12 years onwards). This class is led by Doris & Urs, two passionate teachers who have shared a love for this practice for 20 years and practice it on a regular basis. Together they are offering an in-depth introduction into this amazing practice in a safe, welcoming and warm environment. The Criffel Station Woolshed is a stunning place to practice Yoga surrounded by nature.

Investment: $20. Please bring your own mat, blanket and any prop you require.
Private tuitions are also available.

Long-term Ashtangis are welcome to practice Mysore between 5.30-7pm.

Book with Doris: 021 1460 199 or email her.


Wednesday 30 June 2021, 5.30-6.45pm: UNikUM @ Revology

Join long-term Yoga teachers Doris & Urs Blum for this special workshop to learn about your breath and its important role in physical and mental well-being.

The workshop is a mix of theory and easy practice to get you (re)acquainted with your breath. Everybody is welcome to participate. The healing benefits of healthy breathing patterns are widely underestimated and only recently Western medicine has acknowledged its benefits for body and mind. You will come away from the evening with a few easy exercises to get you started. When the breath is exercised regularly and properly, it can help counter-act anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other health issues.

You will be sitting on chairs. Please do not forget to bring your breath. A half-full or empty stomach is better too.

Wednesday 30 June 2021, 5.30-6.45pm @ Revology, 28 Helwick Street

Investment: $ 25
Booking essential:


Our Spring 2021 retreat is already in the planning. Stay tuned!

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